Romantic Prewritten Love Letters

The Love Letter Kit… Is the most romantic way to sweep someone you care about off of their feet! A romantic love letter is the most romantic gesture there is. You can be sending a romantic letter to someone you care about just minutes from now thanks to The Love Letter Kit.

The Love Letter Kit takes the worry out of writing a love letter! The Kit gives you 24 prewritten love letters you can send as well as 6 Templates with instructions that are designed to help you write your own beautiful love letter!Don’t take any chances! The Love Letter Kit takes all of the worry out of writing a romantic love letter. With the help of The Love Letter Kit you can’t go wrong. So stop wasting time, let The Love Letter Kit help you melt the heart of the one you love!


Why Send a Love Letter?


10 Reasons To Send A Love Letter

1 Say what you want to say.
Writing and sending a love letter allows you the time to think of everything you want to express the most without the pressure for on the spot perfection.

2 Express how you feel in the most poetic ways possible.
When you send a love letter you have the time before hand to refine your thoughts making them as romantic and special as possible. How often do we find ourselves searching for the right words when we are speaking. Writing a love letter allows you the time to search for the perfect words.

3 Help your special someone see you the way you want them to see you!
A love letter is your chance to put your best foot forward. Maybe you want to show your softer, more vulnerable side, or perhaps you want to express your commitment with strength and intensity. Writing and sending a love letter is such a great opportunity to make this person see you in the best possible light. In a well crafted love letter, you can be charming, eloquent, and sensitive. You can show someone you care about a side of you they never even knew existed.

4 Avoid saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.
Sometimes during conversation, we can get caught up in the moment and say something that we wish later we could take back. Perhaps we express to much to soon and run the risk of scaring the other person off, or perhaps our words get twisted around in our mouths and come out all wrong. A carefully written love letter helps you make certain that you don’t say the wrong things at the wrong times. You can re-read and edit your love letter to make certain that your message is clear.

5 Communicate to your special someone on their level.
Every relationship is different and avery person is unique. Writing a love letter gives you the time to go back and read your letter trying to see it through their eyes. What would be considered a compliment by one person could be considered an insult be someone else. A love letter allows you to review your words making certain that the person you are writing to will truly understand your message in a way that makes sense to them and makes them feel comfortable.

6 A love letter is truly a special and unique gift.
Although everyone has heard of love letters, not many people send them. Sending a love letter takes courage and confidence. That is perhaps why receiving a love letter is so rare. Putting your feelings down on paper demonstrates to the recipient that you mean what you say, and that it truly matters to you that you express your feelings. Expressing our feelings honestly is a quality everyone respects.

7 Love letters are cherished forever.
Think of all the famous love letters that still exists today. Letters once exchanged between two lovers long ago are published in books so they can still be read and cherished by future generations of people. Think about it for yourself, if you received a beautiful love letter that truly touched you wouldn’t you want to keep it forever? I have spoken to hundreds of people over the years who still have a love letter they received tucked away in a special place. A love letter really can last a lifetime.

8 Evaluate your own feelings.
When love or the possibility of love comes into our lives it is easy to be swept away by the tidal wave of emotion we feel. This can be a precarious time in our lives. Although the feelings are strong and important it is as important to follow our heads as well as our hearts. Sometimes just the act of putting our feelings down on paper helps us see things more clearly. Perhaps there has been something that concerns you that want to clear up. Maybe you want to make certain that things move at the right pace for you. Writing a love letter allows the writer to reflect on their own feelings.

9 Control the pace of the relationship.
The right love letter at the right time can help move your relationship to the next stage. Maybe you want to let your special person know how happy you are just the way things are. The right love letter can help you point your relationship in the direction you want it to go.

10 Impress the person you love by being the most romantic person you can be!
A love letter that expresses what is in your heart is a powerful romantic gesture. The person who is lucky enough to receive a heartfelt love letter can’t help but be impressed by such a lovely gesture. A romantic love letter can open hearts, change minds, create forgiveness, strengthen relationships, and foster love. A love letter gives you the chance to be the most romantic person you can be and more importantly , the most romantic person they know!


Reasons to send a love letter



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